Frohnmayer Music Roof Work Smell Advisory 9/2/19 – 9/9/19

Update 9/6/19:

This project has been extended and is expected to be completed on September 9th.


Next week, from September 2nd6th 9th, Anderson Roofing will use an epoxy paint on the roof of the Music Building. The work will be conducted outside and only on the roof, however, occupants of the Music Complex may notice an odor during the time the paint is being applied.

It is advised that occupants, particularly on the 2nd floor of the South wing of the Music Complex, keep their windows closed during this period.  If occupants are concerned about the nuisance odor, they may move temporarily to another part of the building.  A Material Safety Data sheet for this paint is on file with EHS and with David Mason.

For questions or concerns, please contact Bruce Budzik at 346-8834 or