Tykeson Hall Waste/Recycling Room Opens August 19

The new waste and recycling room in Tykeson Hall opens Monday, August 19. This site will be the centralized location for all waste, cardboard, and recycling material generated from building occupants in Tykeson Hall, Chapman Hall, Fenton Hall, Johnson Hall, and Collier House. This room is located on the southeast side of Tykeson (see map below).

Occupants of these five buildings will need card access to enter this room for disposing waste and recycling material. To request access, authorized department requestors are asked to send a spreadsheet with all employee information from their department to keyaccess@uoregon.edu. Attaining card access is imperative because this room will be locked 24/7 to deter unauthorized individuals from accessing the site.

Waste and cardboard dumpsters temporarily located in front of Johnson Hall on 13th Avenue will remain until Friday, September 13, and will be removed on Monday, September 16.

Please contact Donny Addison with any questions or concerns at 541-346-0961 orĀ addisdt@uoregon.edu.