Lillis Hall Electrical Shutdown 8/20/19

CPFM Utilities and Energy have scheduled an electrical shutdown on August 20th from 4:00 am – 6:30 am at Lillis Hall to add new hardware for electrical metering.  This is part of the campus energy management campaign to capture energy use on campus.  Advance notice was sent to Facilities Liaisons on July 25th.

This will impact:

BEW4, BNW2, PSW2, 2SW2, 3SW2, BSE2, 3SE2, SWB ,PSE2, BSW2

Impact to phones, network, and card reader access:

  • Phone:   Analog phones run off the phone cabinet on DC power in the 2nd floor closet, so they should stay up.  (analog sets would include elevator phones, emergency phones, analog courtesy phones, black desk phones, fax, etc.) IP sets on folks’ desks may or may not stay up / working depending on network
  • Network:   The gateway is in the D closet 3rd floor, it’s on a UPS, and may ride out any outage.  Edge switches will be a mix, some are on electrical circuits that are not affected so will stay up, some will go down.
    Private network gateway appears to be on an affected circuit and as such will go down for the duration of the outage.
  • Building Access: There will be a controlled power shut down/power up of this system.  The main south entrance will be manned to allow access as none of the card readers in the building will be operational during this time.

Other impacted areas/equipment:

  • AHU6 Supply/Return
  • Mechanical room outlets
  • Reception outlets
  • Lighting utility
  • Room 51
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Heat meters
  • Elevator 2 lights
  • Elevator mechanical room outlet/lights
  • Elevator pit lights
  • EF-8 Fan
  • East/West Atrium outlets
  • CP-35
  • CP-31
  • CP-21
  • WH-1
  • WH-CP
  • Tunnel sump pump

For questions and concerns, please contact CPFM UE Electrical Superintendent Rick Tabor at 541-346-7511 or