HEDCO Electrical Shutdown 8/31

On Saturday, August 31, CPFM Utilities and Energy will be coordinating a contractor to work on the transformer that services HEDCO.  This will require a building-wide electrical shutdown.  The electrical shutdown will begin at 9:00 am and will last approximately 6 hours.  The crew will remain on-site one hour after energizing.


Scope of work. Crews will de-energize the transformer and drain out the oil so the oil sampling port can be replaced.  After that, the oil will be added and then monitored for leaks to let the air bubbles rise before crews can energize. Air bubbles in the oil can cause electrical arcing inside. Crews test the oil, so they can see how the transformer is doing and predict what maintenance can/should be done to extend the life of the transformer.


This work was pre-coordinated with Facilities Liaison Eric Owens.


For questions or concerns, please contact:


Rick Tabor

University of Oregon

Utilities and Energy Electrical Superintendent

Campus Planning and Facilities Management