Clinical Services Third Floor Renovation 7/24 – 8/13

Facilities Liaisons,

Beginning July 24th, and continuing until August 13th, Facilities Services and their subcontractors will be performing renovation work on the east wing of the 3rd floor of Clinical Services Building. This will involve asbestos abatement, as well as replacement of the acoustic tile ceiling, HVAC terminal units, and lighting and paint throughout the project area. Occupants can expect to hear normal and occasional construction noises such as hammering and drilling and may smell a water-based latex, non-toxic paint, during the process. Occupants can expect to see the contractor, their subs, and UO personnel entering/exiting the building with tools and materials during normal business hours.
During the abatement and HVAC terminal unit replacements, CPFM staff will turn off the HVAC system, which will affect areas outside the project area, including West halves of the first and second floors, and the entirety of the third floor. This work will be done after-hours to mitigate impacts to building occupants and activities during regular business hours. The HVAC shutdowns are scheduled to occur over two consecutive weekends from 6 pm on Fri 7/26 to 6 am on Mon 7/29, and 6 pm on Fri 8/2 to 6 am on Mon 8/5. HVAC will be functional during the week in between.
No utility disruptions or shutoffs are expected at this time; however, if there are any additional disruptions or shutdowns to services, an additional notice will be distributed.


For questions or concerns please contact CPFM Facilities Services Construction Services Manager Justin Grishkin at 541-346-5242.