Update – Seeking feedback for date for upcoming steam shutdown impacting Pacific Hall, Columbia Hall, Cascade Hall, Volcanology and EMU


Facilities Liaisons,

Due to part delay and contractor availability, this work has been postponed until late July.  CPFM Utilities and Energy tentatively scheduled this work over the weekend of July 27 – 28 (Saturday and Sunday) to limit the impact to campus.   Please respond with any concerns with this new date selection.


A reminder notification will be sent out ten days in advance if there is no feedback.


Facilities Liaisons,

CPFM Utilities and Energy needs to replace a 16″ steam valve on the Columbia crossover steam line in the tunnel that services Pacific Hall, Columbia Hall, Cascade Hall, Volcanology and the new construction side of EMU.

The shutdown includes 60 psi treated steam only and will impact heat, hot water, and autoclaves that use this utility.

Below are three proposed dates. CPFM is seeking feedback on the best possible dates to take the steam offline:

June 18 – 19, 2019

June 25 – 26, 2019

July 2 – 3,  2019

Please reply with questions or concerns by May 31. 

For questions or concerns please CPFM Utilities Maintenance Supervisor Mo Soleimani at 541-346-2213 or CPFM Facilities Services Associate Director Jim Cody at 541-346-2302.