Reminder About Seasonal Building Steam Management

Facilities Liaisons,

A standard operating procedure (SOP) has been established for systematically managing steam serving specific buildings on a seasonal basis. This process has substantially reduced thermal comfort complaints by minimizing overheating in late spring. Certain building spaces have had issues due to radiant heat emanating from active steam lines within the building footprint. The whole building (or a space within a building) may not be calling for heat, but the steam piping is still active up to the main control valve. The specific list of buildings include:

AAA Studios

Agate Hall (gym/auditorium space)

Cascade Annex

Chapman Hall

Collier House

Columbia Room 154

Condon Hall

Deady Hall

Esslinger Hall

Friendly Hall

Gerlinger Hall

Hendricks Hall

Huestis Hall (heat exchanger HEX-3 only for fin tube radiators)

Lokey Education (east)

Lokey Education (west)

McArthur Court (radiators only)

Millrace Woodshop

Frohnmayer Music (radiators only)

Onyx Bridge 169/170, 72/90

PLC hydronic radiators

Portions of Lawrence Hall (primarily studios)

Susan Campbell Hall

Villard Hall


As springtime temperatures moderate, Mechanical Shop personnel systematically turn the steam off to each building when the nighttime outside air temperature is above 50 degrees for five (5) consecutive nights AND the daytime temperature is above 70 degrees for five (5) consecutive days.

Contact: Work Control Center 541-346-2319