Bldg. 130 CPFM Warehouse Road Closure 1/29

Campus Community,

In conjunction with the work being done at Bldg. 130 CPFM Warehouse restroom remodel, Delta Sand & Gravel is performing excavation in the breezeway today (1/29) which extends several feet into the asphalt roadway behind the building on the north side (see attached map). This necessitates the use of a back-hoe and dump trailer, which take up a good deal of the roadway and make it difficult to pass. Please use an alternate route to access the Mobile Equipment shop, gas pumps, and “north 40” area. This work should be concluded by 1:00p today (1/29). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Design & Construction Project Manager, Tim Allenbaugh at 541-346-8214.