Bldg. 130 CPFM Warehouse: Restroom remodel 1/14-4/23

Campus community,

Beginning Monday, January 14, and continuing through April 23, Facilities Services will be remodeling the restrooms in the ‘breezeway’ of the CPFM Warehouse (H109 on the Campus map). The restrooms will be off-line for the duration of the project. Temporary porta-potties will be provided on the east side of the building outside the main entrance to Design & Construction, between the Warehouse and the CPFM Admin Bldg 136 (see green area on attached satellite map).

The majority of the breezeway, from the rollup door on the north side to the stairs on the southwest wall (S201 on the Campus map), will be within the perimeter of the dust containment and safety barricade system. The breakroom, vending machines, and key-boxes will remain accessible for the duration of the project (See attached interior map, green indicates safe passage area, red indicates construction project area). A dumpster will also be placed outside the rollup door and will impact parking the immediate vicinity (see yellow area on the attached satellite map).

Users should expect typical construction noises and disruptions throughout the project. Notices of specific project updates and utility shutdowns will follow. They will include temporary interruptions of water and power to the building for limited duration.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CPFM Design & Construction Project Manager, Tim Allenbaugh, at 541-346-8214