Message from Design and Construction Regarding Capital Project Submission Time Lines

Campus Community:

It is near the end of another calendar year, and summer 2019 is quickly approaching. Design and Construction, in the spirit of good partnership, wants to help you plan and prepare for your capital project needs. The level of time associated with developing and implementing a campus project may take longer than you might anticipate.

The schedule below represents the typical time, based on project value, to program and design a project prior to beginning construction work:

• $0-$25K 8-12 weeks to start construction
• $25K-$50K 10-18 weeks to start construction
• $50K-$100K 12-20 weeks to start construction
• $100K-$1M 20-30 weeks to start construction

The most effective way to submit your project is through the Design and Construction website at:

If you need any planning assistance prior to project submission, feel free to contact:

Bruce Budzik
Owners Representative, Capital Improvement Coordinator, and Small Projects Manager
CPFM | Design and Construction
Office: 541-346-8834

The basic steps in project development and implementation include:

1. Initiation from user
2. OR/PM/User defines scope
3. OR/PM develops scoping statement and budget
4. Scope/budget approval from End User
5. Design process
6. Bidding and permit process
7. Construction contract execution
8. Construction
9. Closeout process

Also on our website are other helpful project delivery tools under the resources tab at:

Thank you,
Bruce Budzik