Oregon & Deschutes Hall Garbage/Recycling/Compost Collection Plan Update

Oregon and Deschutes Hall Building Occupants,

The Garbage and Cardboard Dumpsters located on 13th Ave. have been relocated back to their original locations Thursday, October 18, 2018.  Oregon Hall will resume cardboard and garbage services on the loading dock of Oregon Hall as well.  Please refer map and information below for more details about each of these collection sites:

1)    Oregon Hall Load Dock – The garbage and cardboard green tilt trucks have been relocated to the Oregon Hall loading dock.   There will be a large green tilt truck labeled for “Garbage” and “Cardboard” behind the metal sliding doors on the Oregon Hall loading dock.

2)    Deschutes Hall Dumpster Enclosure – The “Garbage” & “Cardboard” dumpsters currently located on 13th Ave. in front of Oregon Hall have been returned to the dumpster enclosure on the northeast side of Deschutes Hall.  The office compost and Styrofoam bins will remain in this enclosure for those working in Oregon and Deschutes Hall.

If you have any questions about these services or locations, please contact the Work Control Center at (541) 346-2319.


Donny Addison
Zero Waste Operations Manager
UO Campus Zero Waste Program
541-346-0961 (office)