[FACILITIES] Landscape Contractor Accessing North Fenceline For Blackberry Eradication 10/13-10/17

Campus Community,

A landscape contractor will be eradicating the black berries along the north fence line, from Gallery Way on the East to the Mill Race outflow to the West. The work will be done on the north side of the shops and heat plant and between the the fence and railroad tracks.  Access will be through the area north of the shops and the heat plant, via the gate next to the paint shop. We will need the area in front of the gate by the paint shop kept clear so they can access the area with machinery. Also they will be staging out in the back 40 two trucks and trailers. They will be using a forestry cutter that will be noisy and could throw projectiles out in front of the machine. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rod Madison at 541-346-8772.