[WALTON, LLC, CARSON, EARL AND STRAUB] Power Outage 8/21 9am – 3pm

Building Occupants,

This is an advisory notice of a second shutdown planned to effect five buildings in late August. This shut down is the second of two needed in order to replace deteriorating Medium Voltage Cables from Electrical Vaults 302 to 303 and to Vault 3. This cable replacement is making it necessary to shutdown all power to five buildings, both at the start of the project and at completion. The date for the second shutdown is August 21, 2018, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

NOTE: CPFM is working to provide generator power to one building; Straub, to keep the building on full power. More details and confirmation regarding Straubs back up power will be provided as soon as available.

For questions or concerns please contact CPFM Design and Construction Project Manager Jana Gerow at 541-346-8317 or 970-640-0176.

(To view the first outage details visit this link)