Message from CPFM UO Zero Waste Program

Campus Community,

The UO Zero Waste Program is in the process of updating the collection system on campus to reflect new marketing rules.

Please follow guidelines below and if it’s not on the list, please do not include it in recycling.

Here is an overview of the sorting/collection changes:

  • No change on paper or compost
  • Please remember that all cups go in the landfill category
  • Cartons of all kinds are no longer recyclable including milk type cartons and aseptic packaging such as drink boxes and other type of “boxes” such as soy milk, soup cartons and other larger types of food packaging boxes
  • Please ONLY recycle plastic bottles and jugs as follows:  Bottles are items where the opening is smaller than the base.  Jugs are items with handles
  • ALL other plastic is landfill including anything that was previously recyclable including:  plastic bags, plastic wrap, tubs (cottage cheese, yogurt, salsa etc…), lids and any other plastic items that are not a bottle or jug.

For more information go to:

Contact 541-346-1545 with any questions.