Oregon Hall Renovations- South Elevation Windows Update

This notice has been sent to all building users.

Building Occupants,

As part of the ongoing Oregon Hall renovations.  Fortis is dividing the south plaza into three bays.  While work is occurring on the 3rd-floor windows, we will be restricting pedestrian access to the particular bay below.  A lift will be used to access the frame/ window work above.  Fortis will use red caution tape and rope to keep people out of the area as a safety provision.  We will leave the covered walkway open along the building but will need to close a few bike racks during each activity.  Fortis will be hanging signs on the affected bike racks.  We need to install the new window frames and then take measurements to order the glass.  So each bay will be closed for a portion of next week to install frames and then two weeks later to install windows

Dates for the window activities:

Bay 1 Frame install 3/5- 3/6 Window Install 3/19- 3/20
Bay 2 Frame install 3/7- 3/8 Window Install 3/21- 3/22
Bay 3 Frame install 3/9- 3/12 Window Install 3/23- 3/26

Please contact CPFM Design and Construction Owners Representative Patrick Mucker 541-346-8216 (office) 541-517-2497 (cell) with questions or concerns.