1/9: [HUESTIS HALL] Immediate Elevator Shutdown

1/12/18 12:02 pm update:

Received notification from OTIS that the elevator has been repaired and is operational!

1/11/18 4:18 pm update:

The parts did not arrive today as expected.

We apologize for the delay, but we will let you know as soon as the elevator is back up and running.

Please remember you can use the LISB or Streisinger elevators to access Huestis during this time.

1/11/18 9:30 am update:

Parts are expected to arrive and be installed today.

We will update you when the elevator is operational.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Building Occupants,

Due to emergency repairs, the elevator in Huestis is temporarily shut down.  Parts have been ordered, and restoration is unknown at this time.  Building Occupants can utilize the elevators in LISB or Streisinger to access Huestis.

For questions or concerns please contact CPFM Customer Service at 541-346-2919 .

A second notification will follow when services have been restored.