Small Project Timeline for Summer Construction

Happy New Year from Design and Construction!

Though the Winter break has just past, now is the time to start planning for any small remodel projects you might be considering in preparation for Fall Term 2018. The summer months are typically when the majority of this project size are constructed. However, depending on project complexity, it can take several months to program, design, and bid projects ahead of the 2018 summer construction season which is June 19, 2018 through September 21, 2018.

Design and Construction and our Special Projects team would like to assist you in implementing your small capital project goals. A small project has a typical project value of up to $250k of limited complexity.

Small projects may include:

–          Furniture procurement (8-10 week lead times once ordered)

–          Interior Finish Improvements & Updates (flooring, paint, and similar scope)

–          Office or small suite renovations

–          Learning Environment Improvements & Updates

–          And other projects of similar size & scope

So we can offer the best possible services to you, all projects must be submitted based on the following schedule in order to be completed this summer. Late project submission places a burden not only to our staff but to the projects that are already in the project queue; and given the current construction climate in Eugene, contractor availability may be limited as summer draws near.


Project Value Range* Project Submission Deadline
$100,000 – $250,000 February 1, 2018
$0 – $100,000 March 1, 2018

*For complex projects of any dollar threshold, completing the project within Summer 2018

may not be possible. A schedule determination will be made during the submittal and scoping process.

Project requests should be submitted through our online Capital Projects Initiation Form.

If you are not familiar with our project delivery process, feel free to review our on-line Project Toolkit: for helpful information. Also, feel free to review this and other segments of the Design and Construction and CPFM website for additional information and tools for your use.

As you have questions, feel free to  contact  Maggie Kendall (formerly Gordon), Special Projects and Design Manager or me, directly. Maggie’s contact information is:

Maggie Kendall (formerly Gordon)

Phone: 346-5959


Our office is committed to provide you with the best possible design and construction services. We look forward to your project submission.

Most sincerely,

Tom Shepard

Sr. Associate Director of Capital Projects

Design and Construction

Campus Planning and Facilities Management

University of Oregon