Update Regarding Oregon Hall Renovations

Building Occupants,

We are gearing up for construction activity at Oregon Hall First Floor West (1W).

Phase 1 work is renovating First Floor West (1W) and adding roof top mechanical equipment to replace west wing HVAC equipment (Phase 1 & 2). We are scheduled to begin HVAC modifications on 1W (to cap and isolate 1W from the building) the week of 7/24. This will support abatement and demolition activities to 1W scheduled to begin 7/26. As part of the new HVAC Roof-Top equipment (September Installation) we will be building a new mechanical pump room in 220 (8/7 start) and a new Electrical Room in 342 (8/24 start).

Fortis construction will install fencing around the back parking lot on 8/7 (click on image for attached site plan). A dumpster will be placed in the west truck bay for construction, and we will leave the east truck bay open for deliveries. The construction gate will remain open during regular business hours for deliveries. Window Replacement to 1W will begin 9/6. There will be site fencing used during the window replacement.

I will provide updates on the construction activities as the project progresses.

Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

Patrick Mucker
Owner’s Representative
Campus Planning and Facilities Management
University of Oregon
541-346-8216 office
541-517-2497 cell