08/14 – 09/29: Cascade Hall Re-Roof Project Starting

Update: 8/25

Additional project update from the project manager:

The electric hoist being used for the Cascade Hall Re-roof Project malfunctioned and will require replacement.  As a result of the extraction of the rock ballast – the primary noise maker for the project – has not proceeding forward as planned.  Only a small amount of rock ballast removal has taken place.  A replacement hoist is anticipated to arrive sometime next week, at which time rock ballast removal will proceed in full capacity.


Building Occupants,

Starting August 14, 2017, the Cascade Hall re-roof project will begin and run through September 29, 2017.  There are no anticipated closures, shutdowns or detours anticipated.  There will be noise associated with the removal of the rock ballast from the roof.  It will be noisy at times for about 2-hours each day, with the exception of rock ballast removal which will be all day noise for about 4 – 5 days sometime during the project timeline.  Additional details are listed below as informational.

  • No equipment or systems shutdowns anticipated.
  • No entries will be blocked.
  • Contractors will be working within the already established fenced off work area in conjunction with the contractors already working at the Pacific Hall remodel.
  • There will be a truck brought in each morning that will be stationed within the staging/work zone.
  • Materials will be brought in on the truck and debris will be hauled away on the same truck.
  • The contractor will be using an electric hoist, to cut down on motor/engine noise.

For questions or concerns related to this project contact CPFM Design and Construction Owners Representative  Gene Mowery at 541-346-5593.


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Cascade Hall will undergo a re-roofing project scheduled to begin Monday, August 14th.  The project should take 6 to 7 weeks to complete.  The re-roof will take place on the flat area of the roof, contained within the center of the building roof area and surrounded by the sloped metal panel clad roofs that you see from the ground and surrounding buildings.

A few details about the project:

  • Working hours will generally be from 6:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday.
  • The staging area for the project will be in the same area that is currently isolated with construction fencing between Cascade Hall and Pacific Hall. During the duration of the re-roof project the area will be shared with the construction company currently working on the Pacific Hall remodel.  Re-roof construction activity will be contained in this area, with entry and exit taking place in the alleyway between Pacific Hall and Cascade Annex.  See the attached aerial photo showing the staging and re-roof areas.
  • In general, re-roof vehicle/truck activity will be limited to delivery in the morning, at start of work, and end of work day. There will be no continuous running or idling of vehicles used by the contractors (Anderson Roofing) for the re-roof project.
  • Scaffolding will be erected within the staging area on the west side of the building to access the roof. An electric hoist will be attached to the scaffolding system to facility transporting materials on and off the roof.  Erection of the scaffolding is scheduled to begin August 14th.
  • There is existing rock ballast on the project area of the roof. It will be removed and taken off the roof in buckets, transported down the electric hoist and dumped into a container truck in the staging area.  This will generate noise and is expected to last about 4 to 5 days.  Target date to begin rock ballast removal is August 22nd.  The new roof system will not have rock ballast.
  • Some dust will be generated by the removal of the existing rock ballast and old roof and insulation material. Much of the dust will be mitigated by the hand/bucket removal of the rock ballast, as well as use of the hoist to transport other demolished materials from the roof, rather than a chute system to discard material from the roof.  The grated areaway into the Cascade Hall basement mechanical space will be covered with filter fabric to mitigate dust entry into that area.
  • The materials that are to be demolished have all tested negative for asbestos.
  • Tarps will be draped in front of windows near the scaffolding as a safety precaution.
  • The new roofing is a single ply sheet system that includes adhesives to secure it to the underlying material. The adhesives will put out a bit of an odor when initially applied.  We do not expect odor to be a problem because of the roof location, prevailing winds, and no air intakes into the building near the work area.  The product is low VOC so should not be a health concern to building occupants.  If you do detect an odor and are concerned please contact me (Gene Mowery, 541-346-5593 or gmowery@uoregon.edu) or the UO Environmental Health (EHS) office (Adam Jones, 541-346-8397 or asjones@uoregon.edu).

Should you have questions or concerns regarding this project please feel free to contact me: Gene Mowery, UO office phone 541-346-5593, or email gmowery@uoregon.edu.  I will keep you all informed if the project schedule changes and provide progress reports once the project is underway.