Welcome to the Cook Lab at University of Oregon!

We are a synthetic group focused on the development of heterogeneous catalysts for use in organic transformations that are otherwise achieved through unsustainable or hazardous means. The lab is currently in its first year and is under development by Dr. Amanda Cook and her pioneer graduate students, Kiana Kawamura and Michael Hurst. See the research tab for an in-depth description of our goals or the group members tab for an introduction to the chemists themselves.

If you are interested in the research, feel free to stop by our lab space in LISB 408 or the student office in LISB 439!

Pictured left to right: Matthew Yglesias (1°), Kiana Kawamura (2°), Amanda Cook (PI), Jacky Castaneda (1°), Michael Hurst (2°), Allison Van Cleve (1°). Not pictured: Liam Ware (U.G.)

Photo credit: Allison Van Cleve and Grace Kuhl