Coaching Strong Women in the Art of Strategic Persuasion Fall ACS 2019

“COAChing Strong Women in the Art of Strategic Persuasion”
Presented by Jane Tucker & Celeste Rohlfing

* Open to Women Faculty, Researchers, Industry, Government (no grad students or postdocs)

This seminar is designed to build understanding of mutual interest based negotiations and problem-solving, which is a useful skill in both individual and leadership contexts.   The content will focus on understanding the other parties’ interests as well as negotiating for what you need to be successful. Participants will evaluate their personal conflict resolution styles using case studies. Participants will practice their own challenging situations and receive feedback and suggestions. Several methods of responding to difficult tactics are demonstrated and discussed.

Travel assistance up to $800 available to academic participants.
Pre-registration with COACh is required:
For more information contact COACh Coordinator Priscilla Lewis:

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