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About Club Softball

Club Softball is a non-profit, student run organization associated with the University of Oregon. We have 17 members, some of whom are returners and others are new to the program. In this new league, we will be playing teams from all over the Pacific Northwest, as well as teams in central and southern California. In our first season with the NCSA, we finished 2nd in our conference, 2nd in our region, and were able to compete against the TOP 16 teams in the nation at the World Series. This league encourages potential players to join, as they see the structure and guaranteed games, and for many girls this is a familiarity they miss once leaving high school. It also allows us the opportunity to play for a championship instead of the occasional unincorporated game, which is an amazing motivator! We are hoping to continue in this league and improve as individuals and as a team, as well as supporting the growth of the softball community in Eugene.


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