Birthday Egg

As the second lesson of the term, we learned how to say number 1-12 in Chinese! Students now are ready to learn the 12 months in Chinese using the numbers they learned today.

In addition to that, we experienced the very Chinese birthday culture  – Eating red eggs and making Long-life noodles.

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Red eggs are usually shared by new moms to her relatives and friends as an announcement and celebration of the birth of their babies. However, eating eggs on birthdays is also a tradition in the wish for smartness and fluency in the coming year.

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It looks all of the kids enjoyed the hard-boiled eggs with the fantastic red colors on them. These eggs are actually prepared by our program coordinator Keli, who just had her birthday last week!

Happy birthday, Keli! 祝你生日快乐!

Welcome to the Chinese Club in 2016

Hello everyone! As the new Fall term beginning, our Chinese Club in Edison school starts again in this following week. In this term, we have three Chinese teachers and are all native Mandarin Chinese (Pu tong hua) speakers. Adam Li is from Henan Province, across which the Huanghe flows. Yan Deng was born in Gansu Province which was a part of the Silk Road. Reeya Zhao is from the capital of China – Beijing. We will see you on September the 30th!

Chinese Club starting again 9/30/2016!

Welcome to a new year at Edison! We welcome all 3-5th graders who would like to learn about Chinese language and culture to join us this Fall on Fridays after school. Please contact Keli Yerian at for a registration form, OR ask for one at the front office from Nan, OR keep a lookout for the pink registration form in the next couple weeks among the papers that come home with children. The club is free, but all students must register. See you soon!

My Chinese diary book

What’s new in CLCC this fall term?

Our new term-long project “my Chinese diary book” was a success!



This term, students kept track of the works they’ve done. Each student left CLCC this term with a diary book as a final product that demonstrates their accomplishments. In each diary book you will find character writings, paper cuts and drawings.



It’s a joy to see students feel excited and motivated to write in their diary book every time in class.



CLCC spotlights

FullSizeRenderName tag:

At CLCC, each student has a Chinese name. Making Chinese name tag is a tradition we do each term in the first class. It is proven to be one of students’ favorite activities. Many students decorated their name tags with art works they did throughout the term.




IMG_2952Character writing:

Many students expressed interest in writing Chinese characters. We integrate character writing in every lesson in our curriculum. It is always exciting to see students being able to write quite a bit of Chinese by the end of each term.






Sharing community:

We keep the classroom a safe and friendly learning environment. Students are encouraged to share their stories and thoughts. They are also expected to be respectful and helpful to others. In the past, students have brought in things from home that are related to China and shared their stories in class.

CLCC curriculum

CLCC does not follow any existing Chinese textbook. With the funding support from CAPS and guidance from Dr. Keli Yerian, CLCC teachers put together a curriculum over the last two terms that contains balanced amount of language and culture content. The teaching content is delivered in interactive and interesting multimedia forms with games and craft activities that are appropriate for elementary school students.

Each term, we try to design the curriculum around topics that could be connected into larger themes. In the first term, CLCC took a trip around China. We visited major Chinese cities and areas such as, Beijing, Xi’an, Tibet and many more. Each place we visited has its unique culture and historical sites.

One of the spotlights is the Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin. Harbin is one of the largest and most popular cities in the northeast China. Known as the Ice City, Harbin is popular for its well-known winter tourism and recreations. Corresponding to this culture content, CLCC students learned how to say and write the four seasons in Chinese “春,夏,秋,冬”.


Past cultural activities at CLCC

CLCC began in 2014 winter and 2015 spring terms. During those five months, we celebrated the two traditional Chinese festivals at Edison with the students.

spring festival

Spring Festival (Feb. 19, 2015)

In celebrating the Spring Festival, we brought dumplings into the classroom. Chinese people usually make dumplings the night before and eat them with family on the first day of the Spring Festival. Eating dumplings at the beginning of the year brings good luck.




Lantern Festival (Mar. 5, 2015)

During Lantern Festival, Chinese people watch dragon dance and eat sweet dumplings. Children go out at night carrying lanterns to temples and solve riddles. At Edison, we made paper dragon lanterns to celebrate this holiday. The students showed great interest in this activity and displayed great artistic talent and creativity.



Chinese “fashion show”

When introducing the topic of clothing, CLCC teachers dressed up in Qipao and Hanfu to demonstrate traditional Chinese fashion.  Students were given the chance to “walk down the runway” and introduce the clothes they were wearing in Chinese.

IMG_2943        IMG_2949

Paper cut workshop

A guest teacher was invited to Edison on the last day of winter term. Students and teachers all made paper cuts of the Chinese word “福”, which means ‘happiness and blessing’.

Welcome to the CLCC website

In collaboration with Edison Elementary, the Language Teaching Specialization (LTS) MA Program in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Oregon has started an after-school Chinese Language and Culture Club (CLCC). It began in January, 2015, and is continuing throughout the 2015-2016 school year (not including Winter and Spring breaks).

The club is on Fridays after school, 2:55-4:00. Participation in the club is free of charge, but students must register. Please contact Keli Yerian at if you would like to register your child.

Chinese Language and Culture Club features:

– Enthusiastic teachers: Each term, two or three LTS students will sign up to participate in the club. They are Native or near native proficiency Mandarin speakers. Their teaching is supervised and observed by the Director of the LTS program, Keli Yerian.

– Rich teaching content: Each session includes Chinese language and culture-related content and activities. During Chinese holidays, Chinese food and traditions are brought into the classroom such as making lanterns and paper cuts.  Lessons are taught in a bilingual format (i.e. this is not an immersion course).

– Club schedules: Following the University quarter system, there is a total of seven-nine sessions every term, depending on school day out. Sessions are 60 minutes long and are held once a week.

– Diverse students: This club is open to up to 15 children each term from grades 3-5 (ages 8-11). Students who are interested learning Chinese or Chinese culture as well as native and heritage speakers of Chinese are all welcome.

Chinese Language and Culture Club Goals:

– To help stimulate a positive interest in second language learning and culture among Edison elementary students.

– To provide an opportunity for Chinese-speaking LTS students to obtain additional classroom experience in language teaching at the primary school level.