Wonderful Storydancing Chinese Class

We had a special guest teacher, Cindy Chan, came to our last CLCC class. She is a movement integration specialist, so she lead us to have a wonderful storydancing Chinese class.

In the class, we read a Chinese book together, which was “你一半,我一半.” We learned sharing, such as how we share our good news with our friends and how we share food with our parents. We also did some exercises to let our students deeply understand sharing, such as we did “chopsticks activity,” and “big umbrella activity.”

This is our “Chopsticks Activity.” Students use a chopstick to share strength. If you push too much, your chopstick will fall down. Thus, students discuss with their group members, and let their chopstick keep stay between their fingers.


This is “Big Umbrella Activity.”


That was a wonderful and fun Chinese class! Thank you Chan LaoShi:)

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