Happy New Year

In the last Chinese class this year, our lovely students already learned a lot of Chinese characters and Chinese culture. First, Our students made a beautiful calendar to explain 6 things that Chinese people need to do before Chinese New Year. They knew Chinese culture!

img_3180  img_3182  img_3177

And then, our students learned 5 different Chinese idioms to wish their friends and families have a great new year, which were 新年快乐(Happy New Year);身体健康(May You Keep in Good Health);恭喜发财(Hope You are Prosperous) and 吉祥如意 (May Everything Goes as You Wish). They learned Chinese characters!

In the end, we invited our students’ parents to join in us and celebrated the new year. Our students said the Chinese idioms that they learned from class to their parents, and we ate dumplings to enjoyed the happy moment. Such a wonderful class!!

img_3195  img_3189

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