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Dissertation Defense – Brett Israels, May 21st

photo - Brett IsraelsGood luck to Brett Israels as he defends his thesis for his PhD in Chemistry!

Thursday, May 21, 2020
3:00 PM via Zoom Meeting

The title of his thesis is “Single Molecule Studies of ssDNA Dynamics Near a DNA (p/t) Junction and Their Role in Protein Nucleic Acid Interactions of the T4 Bacteriophage

Next up – Brett will be moving to Aarhus Denmark in July. He has accepted a post doctorate with Professor Victoria Birkedal at Aarhus University and will be studying the dynamics of G-quadraplex folding in DNA telomeres, and developing methods to obtain information on molecular complexes beyond the range of single-molecule FRET using DNA origami platforms and conjugated-polymer systems.


For ZOOM link, email leah[at]


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