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2014 Green Chemistry in Education Workshop

13th Annual Green Chemistry in Education Workshop

July 12-17, 2014 – University of Oregon, Eugene, OR


The Green Chemistry in Education Workshop is a five-day workshop for educators in the chemical sciences interested in incorporating green or sustainable chemistry concepts into the organic chemistry curriculum and laboratory. The primary goals for this workshop are to increase the number of educators who incorporate green chemistry experiments and concepts into their teaching and establish a network of chemical educators who promote green chemistry.

The workshop is a combination of lectures, discussion, and hands-on time in the laboratory. Leaders in the field will address the need for green chemistry in the undergraduate curriculum and provide strategies for designing, adapting and incorporating new green experiments into existing organic chemistry curricula. During the laboratory sessions, participants will have an opportunity to perform and evaluate greener organic laboratory experiments developed at the University of Oregon and elsewhere. Past participants from the workshop will be present to share their experiences infusing green chemistry into their courses and on developing new green chemistry materials. Participants are encouraged to share and refine their own plans for integrating green chemistry at their institution. Preference is given to applicants who focus on organic chemistry laboratory and who have the potential to significantly impact students, colleagues and the community.  

The  application deadline is February 15, 2014.

To apply go to:

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