In line with the Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy’s (CCACP) mission to conduct and disseminate policy-relevant research, CCACP produced from 2005 to 2018 a range of publications that address current issues, trends, and research within the arts and culture sector. These publications have been archived and are available though the digital links provided below.


CultureWork is an electronic publication of the UO Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy. Its mission is to provide timely workplace-oriented information on culture, the arts, education, and community.

Publication of the quarterly digital publication was paused in summer 2018. Previous issues of CultureWork are available through the link provided here.

Annual Bulletin

The CCACP Annual Bulletin orients colleagues, students, policymakers, and various constituents to the scholarship and activities taking place annually within the Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy.

Graduate Student Research Journal

From 2010 to 2018, the CCACP Graduate Student Research Journal profiled the terminal master’s research projects of the graduating master’s degree students (MA/MS in Arts Management) in the UO Arts and Administration Program. Diverse research topics are featured in museum studies, performing arts, community arts, media studies, cultural theory, cultural policy, and more. The geopolitical scope extends beyond Eugene and Oregon, from local communities to state, regional, national, and international cultural issues.

For the full research documents completed by master’s degree graduates of the Arts and Administration Program, please visit the University of Oregon Scholar’s Bank.