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September 9, 2011

Powerful Web Surveys Come to UO


Connecting the dots. That’s the job of University of Oregon Director of Academic Technology Helen Chu. “The University,” says Chu, “is by design a place where you have specialists and experts. You can’t expect these specialists to know what is going on in another department at the university.” This is where Chu comes in. In 2010 Chu heard that groups of UO faculty were using an online survey service called Qualtrics. Each group of users had its own unique license, something that was not cost effective. For a little extra, Chu discovered, the UO could acquire a license for the entire university. At the same time, the UO’s Office for Protection of Human Subjects asked Chu to join a sub-committee that was developing guidelines for researchers using the Internet. That’s when Chu decided to connect the dots. She and a campus-wide team of stakeholders compared Qualtrics against competing survey services and software. They determined Qualtrics far outperformed its competition in price and features. After gaining approval from the Office for Protection of Human Subjects to use the service for research involving human subjects, Chu gathered the university’s Qualtrics users together to pitch in for a single university-wide license, making Qualtrics available to anyone with a Duck ID. Read more at IT connections.

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May 26, 2011

UO: Kindle-ing an Improvement in Reading Skills

Two UO researchers seek to harness the power and portability of e-reading technology such as the iPad and Kindle to help college students who have difficulties with reading comprehension.
The project could ease students’ academic anxieties as well as their (literally) heavy textbook loads.


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September 17, 2010

UO iPhone App

Attention students, staff, faculty, alumni and fans of the University of Oregon: Now there’s an app for that.

A free UO-themed application for the iPhone is now available for download from the Apple App Store.
The “UOregon” app features the latest news and campus events, class schedules, campus directory, photos and videos, a guide to the Week of Welcome, and the Oregon Marching Band playing “Mighty Oregon.” (more…)

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May 6, 2010

UO: Current Google Chrome is INCOMPATIBLE with Blackboard

Looking at usage logs and trouble tickets for the Blackboard system we’ve been noticing an interesting but problematic trend — a rapid increase in the use on campus of Google Chrome. For example, looking at Blackboard usage stats for the first week of May we’re seeing:
Firefox 39%
Safari 36%
MSIE 16%
Chrome 9%

The reason this is problematic is that the current Chrome is INCOMPATIBLE with Blackboard. Please warn your users that if they want to use Blackboard, they MUST switch to one of our supported browsers: Firefox, Safari, or MSIE (preferably MSIE 8, but 7 mostly works). (more…)

April 20, 2010

UO: Web Mechanics training

Date: April 21, Wednesday
Time: 12-1
Place: Edmiston Classroom, Knight Library

Web Mechanics is pleased to present Leslie Hinkle’s training on CSS.
Leslie’s presentation will consist of:

«Beginners CSS just to introduce the concept and build a basic page… People should come in with their log-in to their shell… I plan to move quickly into the basic CSS so that we can get a base page set. People should have some elementary knowledge of html, but I will provide a handout with a basic page layout for them just in case.»

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April 5, 2010

UO: Reconstructing the World from Photos on the Internet

DATE: THURSDAY, April 8, 2010
TIME: 3:30 p.m. talk, reception to follow
PLACE: 177 Lawrence Hall, University of Oregon
AUTOR: Steven Seitz, University of Washington and Google

There’s a big difference between looking at a photograph of a place and being there. But what if you had access to a database of every possible image of that place and could conjure up any view at will? With billions of photographs currently available online, the Internet is beginning to resemble such a database, capturing our world’s sites from a huge number of vantage points and viewing conditions. For example, a Google image search for “notre dame” or “grand canyon” each return millions of photos, showing the sites from myriad viewpoints, different times of day and night, and changes in season, weather and decade.

This talk explores ways of transforming this massive, unorganized photo collection into 3D scene reconstructions and visualizations of the world’s sites, cities, and landscapes. After a brief recap of our work on Photo Tourism and Photosynth, I will focus on current efforts and newest results in the domains of city-scale 3D reconstruction and new visual interfaces for navigating photo collections. (more…)

April 2, 2010

Doodle for UO now available

UO-specific version of Doodle (online scheduling tool) is available to all university students, faculty, and staff at courtesy of Information Services.

One of several advantages of is that it has no embedded advertising.

Doodle helps you determine the best time for a group to meet. Since filling out a poll isn’t restricted to only UO affiliates, it works especially well for those who work with UO students or researchers, faculty, or employees at other businesses and institutions.

For more information on Doodle, see the IT Connections news article.

Information Services

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March 26, 2010

UO: Public Talks Schedule, March-April 2010

Computer & Information Science Department at the University of Oregon invites to open talks.
All of these talks are open to the public, and will provide some insight into various research activities here and at other institutions.

March 2010
Supporting Automatic Performance Tuning
March, 29

April 2010
Distinguished Lecture Series: Reconstructing the World from Photos on the Internet
April, 08

March 24, 2010

UO: Oracle client changes – all data warehouse users are affected

Due to upcoming changes in the UO networking infrastructure, IS recently advised Data Warehouse users to update the Oracle 11g client installation on their desktops before March 1. We have noticed that many users have not installed the update.

In some cases, users attempted the Oracle client update, but the installation quietly failed; these individuals may think that they’re running the new Oracle client even though they are not. Others elected to not do the client update at all, since they believed that it did not apply to them. We want to be clear that in the near future, Oracle connectivity could work inconsistently or break completely on machines that have not been updated. (more…)


UO: Campus Software Needs Assessment

Dear UO Faculty and Staff,
Information Services has convened a Site License Advisory Group to ensure that software acquisitions continue to meet student and faculty needs. The UO Site License Advisory Group is asking the campus community to participate in a survey about current software usage and needs.

Thank you if you have already filled out a software needs assessment survey. If you haven’t, please take a few minutes to do so now. The faculty/staff survey closes this Friday, March 26.

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes. To take the survey, please point your browser to:

To suggest a new software title for site-license consideration, please fill out this simple form:

Thank you.

The Site License Advisory Group

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