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April 14, 2017

How to log in to UOBlogs/WordPress sites

A recent update to WordPress may have disabled a link that allows UO Blogs user to log in by clicking on a Log In button on the upper-left of certain sites. While the link could be fixed in the coming days or weeks, we wanted to ensure that you can gain access to your site(s) with little inconvenience in the meantime. Due to a recent spate of calls, we have issued this post on how to utilizes both that method and another workaround so that you can access your sites.


There are two primary methods for logging on to your site:

Method One

Click the Log In link on the upper-left of the browser window

Sign in using your Duck ID and password by clicking on the Use My Duck ID button

Then, you will arrive at the Dashboard for your site(s)

Note: You may have to click on View My Sites if you have access to multiple sites (as seen below)

Method Two

Similar to Method one above, this will give you access to your site but through the UO Blogs main website. Go to then click on the Login tab:

Then continue to proceed through the steps of Method One as described above.


Once logged in, you’ll see the administrative toolbar above the site header which will allow you to add more content or return to the site dashboard (as in the image below for CASIT Blog administrators).

August 26, 2016

CAS Department Theme for Undergraduates: A Series

Recently, the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education issued an email to CAS academic departments with new standards for information on undergraduate education on CAS department websites. This series of posts will go over each piece of the new standards with steps and examples of compliant websites.

The list of standards (as per the email) for undergraduate information is as follows:

  • Each department homepage should have the word Undergraduate in its main menu bar.
  • The Undergraduate landing page should minimally include the following advising and curriculum information in an easily navigable format–either on the page itself of accessible after at most one further click:
    • Who the department advisor(s) are, how to contact them and/or make an appointment, and any times they may be available without an appointment. Please distinguish faculty/staff advisors from peer advisors, and indicate who the department’s lead advisor(s) are for fielding general queries.
    • Instructions for students on how to declare your major/minor
    • Major/minor degree requirements, including coursework and important policies (e.g., on minimum grades, residency requirements, P/NP restrictions)
    • Quick reference checklist for major/minor degree requirements
    • Sample four-year plan/pathway for incoming students (recommended now, required by end of Fall 2016)
    • Course offerings, including availability, timing, and prerequisites for major required courses, and alternative pathways if they exist. (OK to link to UO catalog for overall list of course offerings.)
  • Each department should adopt the CAS Elemental design (recommended now, required by end of 2016-17 academic year.

The CASIT Blog will feature a short series of articles breaking down each of these new standards in the coming days.

CASIT’s Training Services is also providing one-on-one training sessions for site administrators on a first-come, first-serve basis by appointment. If you are interested in scheduling one of these sessions, send an email to

September 25, 2012

Social Sciences Instructional Lab new site

Social Sciences Instruction Lab launched their new site on UO Blogs.

If you are interested in creating your own site please check out UO Blogs.

SSIL site screenshot