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June 8, 2015

A new satellite prototype has set sail

LightSail satellite

This weekend, the Planetary Society announced that their latest project, LightSail, was a success.

LightSail is a very small satellite┬ácalled a CubeSat propelled by a sail pushed by solar wind. Once in spaces, the solar arrays of the CubeSat open up revealing the interior then four metal booms slowly unfurl four triangular Mylar sails. Each of the sails are 4.5 microns thick – four times thinner than a typical trash bag.

The crowd-funded project has raised $4.2 million via Kickstarter and has been in development since 2012 with the goal of opening up space exploration to a wider global audience.

For more information on the LightSail Project, check out the project page from the Planetary Society