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September 5, 2013

Rewards Program for Recycling

With the increased use of mobile electronic devices on campus in the past decade, and the continuing advancement of mobile technologies, greater numbers of small electronics are labeled as “outdated” and are discarded, finding their way to landfills. A new nationwide program intends to curb this trend and also reward participating schools for recycling ink cartridges and cell phones:

Photo by Michael Hanscom

The program, Collected, is run by FundingFactory, a subsidiary of Clover Technologies Group, and it builds on the recycler’s existing e-waste program, which dates to 1997 and focuses largely on elementary and secondary schools.

The business model is a win-win, according to people on both sides of the transaction. It provides colleges with an environmentally conscious and fiscally advantageous way to dispose of electronic devices and accessories—which often contain valuable plastics and metals—while also fueling a burgeoning private-sector industry.