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March 24, 2010

Anniversary of Mac OS X

Wired – This Day in Tech. Events that shaped the wired world:

2001: Apple gives birth to Mac OS X — the beating heart of today’s Macs, iPhones and, soon, the iPad

Steve Jobs introduces the Mac OS X public beta.
Photo: m.p.3./Flickr

Fired and then rehired by his own company, Steve Jobs drove a near-broke Apple Computer to profitability with the success of the iMac in 1998. But arguably the reacquisition of Jobs would prove even more valuable to the Cupertino, California, corporation in 2001, when Apple introduced its cutting-edge operating system Mac OS X.

Mac OS X was comprised of Unix-based technologies that were developed by NeXT, a company Jobs founded in 1985 during his 11-year exile from Apple. With NeXT, Jobs’ goal then was to make a Mac-like computer for education that would put Apple out of business. (more…)