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January 20, 2011

An Album Written To Be Played Randomly On The iPod Shuffle


November 22, 2010

iOS 4.2: What you need to know

If you cast your mind back to high school physics, you might recall what’s dubbed the Grand Unified Theory — an attempt to explain how three of the primary forces of the unviverse were once a single, unified force. So you might call iOS 4.2 the “grand unification” release of iOS, as it at long last brings the iPad, the iPhone, and iPod touch under the same roof. (more…)

May 19, 2010

iPod touch with 2 megapixel camera leaked in Vietnam

Guess who has another Apple scoop? Tinhte, the upstarts from Vietnam have first pics of the mythical iPod touch with a camera. The «DVT-1» stamp on the back makes it clear that this is an early design verification test unit in the evolution of product testing. In other words, this might not be the final design whenever Apple chooses to announce it, say, on June 7th. A check of the device’s serial number identifies a late 2009 third generation iPod touch — could be that this device was one of those eBay prototypes that never made it to production for whatever reason. (Video below). (more…)

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April 9, 2010

Apple reveals new iPhone features

iAd pits Apple against search and advertising giant Google

BBC News, Silicon Valley
Apple has shown off some of the 100 new features to be included in the iPhone operating system later this year.

The update includes a mobile advertising platform called iAd that will be used to place adverts in applications made by third parties.

Apple founder Steve Jobs also showcased a long-awaited multi-tasking feature, which will allow users run more than one program at a time. (more…)

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March 19, 2010

Apple bans protective screen film from Apple Store

iLounge investigation and different theories why the company would have done this
(official explanation from Apple has not yet been released):

Protective screen film in use
Photo: Deepapple

Apple has banned protective screen film from its retail and online stores, iLounge has confirmed with several separate companies, a policy that will affect both cases and individual film packages beginning in May. In communications with vendors that have been ongoing for «some time now,» according to one company, Apple has said that it will remove both film-only solutions from its stores, as well as any case or other accessory that includes film protection as part of its package, such as cases that include film screen protectors. (more…)

March 13, 2010

Apple’s future won’t be brought to you by the letter ’i’

The Sydney Morning Herald — Apple has been dealt a severe blow having been told that it no longer has a monopoly on the letter «i» as part of the name for its products.

A trademarks tribunal has knocked back Apple’s bid to stop a small company from trademarking the name DOPi for use on its laptop bags and cases for Apple products.

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February 24, 2010

Engadget for iPhone / iPod touch 2.0.1 now available

Engadget announces here a new version of the Engadget Application:

Engadget for iPhone / iPod touch 2.0.1 was just approved by Apple and is now available on the Apple Store. The big new feature is landscape mode in article, comment, and sharing views, but we’ve also bumped up font sizes, made some improvements to the commenting experience, and added the ability to edit tweets directly in the app. Oh, and you can also now email photos from galleries from within the app, and customize the toolbar. Of course, that’s in addition to regular features like offline viewing, built in streaming for The Engadget Show, and in-app tip submissions — you know, for when you see the iPhone 3GT leak out.

Application Description
Engadget is the definitive source and final word for news on gadgets and technology. From the latest smartphone news, to reviews and hands-on looks at laptops, HDTVs, gaming, and more, Engadget brings you all the tech news you need. The iPhone app delivers that experience straight to your iPhone or iPod touch, instantly.

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