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August 17, 2010

Intel aims Atom chips at storage market

OFFICE AND HOME STORAGE just got slightly more interesting with the addition of two more versions of Intel’s Atom processors.
Intel’s single-core 425 and dual-core 525 chips “offer improved performance and better connectivity” for backup platforms such as Windows Home Server and Linux, Chipzilla said. (more…)

July 30, 2010

Intel Claims 50-Gbit/s Laser Link Is a Breakthrough

Intel said Tuesday that it had developed a 50-Gbits/s optical interconnect prototype that could be used as an ultrafast optical data connection in a few years.

Intel's 50-Gbits/s prototype chip

Built on a technology known as silicon photonics, the link has the potential to scale to up to a terabit per second, enough to transfer the contents of a laptop in less than a second or the entire Library of Congress in less than two minutes, according to Justin Rattner, Intel’s chief technical officer.

May 5, 2010

Intel shows off first Light Peak laptop


Intel has provided the first hands-on demonstration of a laptop running its Light Peak technology, at the company’s inaugural European research showcase here in Brussels.

Light Peak is an optical interconnect that can transfer data at 10Gbits/sec in both directions. Intel hopes Light Peak will one day replace the host of other PC interconnects, including USB, DisplayPort and HDMI.

Intel has fitted Light Peak into a regular USB cable, with optical fibres running alongside the electrical cabling. Intel provided a visual demonstration of how data is passed through the cable, by shining a torch into one end of the cable, with two little dots of light visible to the naked eye at the other end.

April 9, 2010

Intel’s 48-core processor to debut at universities


Promises big power reduction at high processing speed

Intel will send 48-core powered machines to researchers by mid-summer, as the company tries to reshape its future chips.

Limited quantities of the processor will be sent primarily to academic institutions, said Sean Koehl, technology evangelist with Intel Labs. The chip may not become commercially available as it is part of a research project, but features from the processor could be implemented in future chips.

March 31, 2010

Intel intros eight-core Xeon 7500 for servers

Xeon 7500 can handle 1TB memory, 256 chips


Intel sought to cement its grip on the very high end of computers with its first eight-core processor, the Xeon 7500. The two extra cores give it even more performance in highly parallel situations — up to 16 program threads at once with Hyperthreading — and the design itself is unique at Intel in the sheer amount of scaling compared to the outgoing 7400. A four-processor server can handle as much as 1TB of memory, and a single computer can include as many as 256 discrete processors.