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August 17, 2016

Check out the Vicis Zero1, the new Oregon Ducks football helmet

For those in the Eugene area that live or commute near the University along Franklin Boulevard near the intersection with East 11th Avenue have seen a billboard with a football helmet without any insignia have seen the new helmet being used for the Oregon Ducks football team starting this fall.

The Seattle-based startup, Vicis (pronounced VIE-seez), has been developing the Zero1 helmet upon the approaches used in developing automobile bumpers and crumple zones over the last three years. The structure is composed of a pliable outer shell that is supported by a series of compressible columns that help to deflect the force of any contact around the head. The inner padding is comprised of a fitted memory foam liner that distributes pressure evenly around the player’s head. The chinstrap is similar to a standard helmet but two of the straps will fasten on the helmet’s interior as to redirect energy flowing through the jaw.

The Oregon Ducks and the Washington Huskies are the only two teams wearing the helmets this year throughout the NCAA.

For more information, check out the video above or the Vicis website.