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June 29, 2011

Migrating Data to Drupal

Here are some tips to help you with moving from a database like Filemaker Pro to a Drupal site. I presume you haveĀ CCK on your Drupal site and your content types are set. I recommend usingĀ node import to migrate the data to Drupal. (more…)

April 22, 2010 Releases Open Source Code

The White House Blog post:

As part of our ongoing effort to develop an open platform for, we’re releasing some of the custom code we’ve developed. This code is available for anyone to review, use, or modify. We’re excited to see how developers across the world put our work to good use in their own applications.

By releasing some of our code, we get the benefit of more people reviewing and improving it. In fact, the majority of the code for is already open source as part of the Drupal project. The code we’re releasing today adds to Drupal’s functionality in three key ways: (more…)

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March 4, 2010

The Eugene Drupal Users Group

The Eugene Drupal Users Group had its first meeting on Wednesday, March 3 from 6-8 PM at Deschutes Hall, the UO Computer Science Building.

Drupal is an open source web CMS that was established over 9 years ago.
It is widely used by, universities, media sites, libraries, government sites (e.g., and other community-oriented organizations.

The Eugene Drupal Users Group is open to Drupal programmers, hobbyists, and others interested in the tools and resources Drupal offers.

The purpose of this first meeting was to establish areas of participant interest and how to structure future meetings to best support the interests of folks working with and interested in working with Drupal. Alex Bronstein from will speak briefly about what’s coming in Drupal 7. Alex has been actively involved in Drupal 7 core development, and is currently one of the co-maintainers of the Form API.

The group decided to meet every first Wednesday of the month from 6-8 PM at Deschutes Hall, the UO Computer Science Building, in the second floor meeting room.

The group also decided to join/use the Willamette Valley Drupal group for communication so anyone interested in keeping tabs on what is happening can subscribe here.

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