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December 1, 2015

Adobe is telling people to embrace open web standards

HTML5 and Flash icons

Adobe announced November 30th that it will phase out Flash to more fully support HTML5 and other web standards.

In an announcement made yesterday, Adobe is renaming its Flash Professional CC program Animate CC in a move to deprecate Flash in favor of HTML5. Flash creation and support will still be available through Adobe, however, the focus will be on security instead of features due to the increase in the number of its susceptibilities.

Adobe will also release an HTML5 video player for desktop browsers to complement Adobe’s support for HTML5 on mobile devices.

The Verge is reporting that Adobe will see Flash continue to be used as the HTML5 or other standards have yet to fully mature.

For more information, read this announcement from Adobe.

September 29, 2014

New features for Google Forms and Chromebook

Adobe-Google.pngGoogle today announced new updates for their Forms online survey offering. Forms will now incorporate a search feature within the Forms help menu accessible via keyboard shortcut (Alt-/) as well as new customization features for randomizing questions and inserting video.

Additionally, Google also announced that Adobe Photoshop is now available via stream on Chromebooks. Currently, this service is only available to students in North America who have purchased an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Despite presumably needing to have a constant Internet connection, the new service will include full integration with Google Drive thus eliminating the need to upload and download Adobe files like in past editions of the software.

For more information on Google Forms and Adobe on Chromebooks, follow these links to the Google Blog: (Forms, Adobe)

August 15, 2011

Adobe debuts Muse, a no-code-required site builder


August 1, 2011

Adobe launches HTML5 web animations tool

Adobe released a public preview of Adobe Edge, its new web motion and interaction design tool, on Monday.

Edge enables users to create animated content using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript — not Flash. It’s the first professional-grade HTML5 editing tool on the market and is currently available for free, as the company is looking for feedback from developers.

August 18, 2010

Adobe to patch Black Hat bugs on Thursday

Adobe plans to release out-of-sequence updates on Thursday (19 August) designed to patch security holes in its Acrobat and Reader PDF software revealed at the Black Hat conference earlier this month.
Updates for Adobe Reader 9.3.3 for Windows, Macintosh and Unix will accompany Adobe Acrobat 9.3.3 for Windows and Macintosh as well as cross-platform patches for Adobe Reader 8.2.3 and Acrobat 8.2.3 – earlier but still supported versions of the software applications. Thursday will also mark the availability of a cross-platform update for Adobe Flash Player

June 25, 2010

Adobe to fix critical Reader hole next week

Adobe will release updates for Reader and Acrobat on Tuesday that will fix critical security issues, including plugging a hole that could be used to take control of computers and which has been exploited in the wild, the company said on Thursday. (more…)

May 11, 2010

Report: Apple developing a Flash alternative

The heated battle between Apple and Adobe Systems over Flash may get a bit more interesting, as reports of a Flash alternative being developed by Apple begin to surface.

The technology, called Gianduia, was introduced by Apple last summer at its World of WebObjects Developer Conference, according to an AppleInsider report. Gianduia is described as being «a client-side, standards-based framework for rich Internet apps.» (more…)

April 11, 2010

Adobe unleashes Creative Suite 5

Creative applications upgrade focuses on interactivity, performance, cross-media content

Adobe has launched the fifth incarnation of its Creative Suite collection of professional applications for print and Web designers and videographers. This set of coordinated programs, popularly called Adobe CS5, includes new versions of 14 products and their associated apps, four new online services, and a brand new interactive Web design product. (more…)