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CASIT Web Services completed projects Winter 2015

Here is the list of projects completed over Winter: Sites moved to CAS design toolkit: Native American Studies Department of Mathematics Department of History Latin American Studies Humanities Program Translation Studies (new site) Department of Classics Other projects: UO Spaces Drupal site ...

CASIT Web Services completed projects Fall 2014

Here is the list of projects completed over Fall: Sites moved to CAS design toolkit: Religious Studies Human Physiology Environmental Studies Program Creative Writing Program Theatre Arts European Studies East Asian Languages & Literatures Judaic Studies New Drupal site: Physics Intranet ...

Security Protections May Break Embedded Google Forms for Some Users

Info & Background

A potentially annoying protection–which all modern browsers enforce–may be to blame for embedded Google Forms to not load for some users. There is a possibility that other Google services, or other embedded widgets from any site, could break under similar ...

Add X-UA-Compatible header in WordPress for Edublogs

On the University of Oregon instance of Edublogs we ran into a problem with the X-UA-Compatible meta tag. The standard practice of putting in the <head> did not work. A better solution was found using PHP: 1 For WordPress you can do the above using add_filter: 1 Solutions taken from: * ...

Drupal 6: Add Autocomplete to Unlimited Textfield

In Drupal 6 you can using the Form API and hook_form_alter to easily add an autocomplete path to an existing field. Here is a blog post with an example: The blog example works great for single fields but there is a problem when you have a field that has unlimited ...

After Shibboleth is Installed

This post is for people who are setting up shibboleth service providers on their web servers.


Look at for common configuration procedure. shibboleth2.xml: This file is where your shibboleth settings will reside. ...

Scripts to get computer information

CASIT Desktop services inventories a lot of computers and to help I had written a Java app that pulls a computer’s information and sends the data to the CASIT inventory site. With Java suffering from major exploits, I decided to convert the app from Java to AppleScript for Macs and PowerShell ...

OSCON 2012

Now in its 14th year, OSCON is the best place on the planet to prepare for what comes next, from learning new skills to understanding how new and emerging open source technologies are going to impact how we live, work, and do business. In keeping with its O’Reilly heritage, OSCON is a unique ...

List of All Drupal 6.x Modules We Use

Here is the list of all Drupal 6.x modules we use for our Drupal 6.x sites:

Apple OS X Lion for Programmers

It has been a couple of weeks since Lion has come out and so far Lion is pretty good. After an easy update the new OS has made by environment much better.
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