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CASIT Web Services completed projects Spring/Summer 2016

Here is the list of projects completed over Spring and Summer:

Sites moved to CAS design toolkit:

Drupal Projects:

  • CASIT Projects: site created to intake projects CASIT web services should work on.
  • EPIC-N (SCI) Database Additions: changed to the new theme which is same as what its department site is using now and implemented advanced search.
  • Polisci Travel Authorization Form: add new form and workflow to PS Forms site.
  • English Graduate Database Additions: added new form and tables to track GTF/Teacher evaluations and other user interface improvements.
  • Printing and Mailing Services – CTX forms: created a form on and helped Printing and Mailing services with managing their Drupal site.

Other Projects:

  • College Transition Collaborative Survey Redirect: we setup a custom redirect that sends authenticated incoming freshman to a Stanford survey.
  • ICA Site Migration: migrated Joomla site to WordPress on UO Blogs.

You can see more information about those sites on our portfolio:

Big thank you to everyone in the web team.