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CAS Department Theme for Undergraduates: CAS Design Theme and Toolkit

Our final post on the Undergraduate pages is about the CAS Department Theme used in WordPress/UO Blogs for CAS Departments, Programs, and Institutes.

Theme Features

The theme has a distinct color palette that is used in conjunction with each administrative division used in the College:

  • Utilizes three menu locations (marked as 2, 4, and 5)
  • Featured post categories on the department homepage (marked as 3)
  • Custom plugins for a front page slideshow (marked as 1), course management, and faculty/staff/student profiles.

For more information on the CAS Department Theme, check out the CAS Design Toolkit site.

Theme Adoption

The process for adopting this theme is as simple as sending a request for the CAS Department Theme to the Information Service Tech Desk via email along with the URL of the department site. Each of the additional plugins like the Courses and Profiles plugins require requests through the same channel.

Some considerations to keep in mind moving forward are that the existing content on the site prior to the theme change may be altered in order to comply with the new theme. One issue that could arise would be in conjunction with how menus are created, managed, and displayed (as seen in a previous post).

If you have any questions on how to help alleviate some of those transition issues, please contact us here at CASIT.