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The Future Will Be Quiet

The Atlantic magazine has released an article for their April 2016 issue about how the expansion of electric cars and appliances will lead to a future with less noise due to having fewer petroleum-powered engines around. Presently, U.S. cities are fairly loud places with car horns, traffic, and other background-noise levels reaching around 70 decibels–about the level of a vacuum cleaner drone at close range.

As a society, technology is already contributing to a quieter environment as seen in the aviation industry. Due to the advent of satellite systems–which have made it possible for aircraft to take off and land at steeper angles, aircraft noise fell by 95 percent from 1970 to 2004 even as the number of flights have increased according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Additionally, NASA’s Environmentally Responsible Aviation Project are designing planes that hope to make the most-advanced aircraft half as loud as they are now by 2025.

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