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High quality video footage of Tokyo after World War II

As seen on Open Culture’s website today, the official music video for DJ Boogie Belgique’s song Ms. Yutani was posted since it features footage from post-WWII Tokyo (seen above). All of the footage is showing pedestrians, commuters, and shoppers going about their day. Although the video was uploaded to YouTube over three years ago, it has gained recognition in the digital humanities community recently in order to pinpoint when this footage was taken.

There are some subtle clues in a couple scenes that narrow the date down to some time during the American occupation of Japan (1945-1952). According to Scott Wilson of Rocket News 24, there are references to:

“Hatsu Imai, the first woman elected to the Japanese House of Representatives in 1946” and another for Miracle on 34th Street, originally released in November 1948.”

From those references, he stated:

“The consensus, in any case, seems to call this the Tokyo of the late 1940s…”

Although there are some military vehicles passing through some of the footage, there aren’t any visible traces of the occupation mainly due to the demands of the American censors who were known for frowning upon direct American references.

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