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How microchips could transform football into an intricate dance of data.



(By AJ Dellinger – The Daily Dot)

Football is a game of giants, but this season a microchip no bigger than the star of a coin toss will decide the fates of those mountain-sized men.

After a limited run last season, the NFL is equipping every player in the league with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip. The tiny piece of technology provided by tracking technology manufacturer Zebra Technologies will track the speed, distance, and direction traveled by each player in real-time. The data set, branded as Next Gen Stats, will reveal new insights into the sport, both for fans and front offices.

Much of the broadcast side of football focuses on the quarterback. The cameras stay focused on the field general until the ball leaves his hand, only then darting downfield to follow the ball as it lands in the hands of one of his teammates. That pass only becomes possible when a receiver beats his defender—one of ten individual battles that is happening simultaneously on the field. The RFID chip will provide new insight into those matchups that make the play possible.

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