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New Apple devices receiving mixed reviews are no surprise


Today, Apple started to take preorders for their newest device — the Apple Watch. Various tech review sites like The Verge and have given the Watch mixed reviews based on its functions and perceived utility for users. Mixed reviews on first-generation Apple products, however, are old news.

When the iPod was first released, critics were questioning its price tag ($399 in 2001 for the 5GB model) and the demand for it especially when less expensive models with more storage were available. The iPhone and iPad encountered similar critiques that initially would have deterred all but the severely loyal. Call quality was not great with early models of the iPhone and the iPad did not have a market for which to grant a comparison. All of these devices would eventually garner their respective majority market share helping to bring Apple to where it is today.

This is not to say that the Watch will follow similar suit. It could just as easily become something like the Apple MessagePad personal digital assistant (PDA) or the Performa — the predecessor of the iMac. It could, however, become the catalyst for the latest trend in personal devices. The MessagePad eventually paved the way to the Palm series of PDAs of the mid-to-late 1990s and eventually to the iPhone and iPad for Apple years later.

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