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Sen. Wyden puts forward a bill to ban data “backdoors”

Security locksArs Technica reported on a bill authored by Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon that will seek to prohibit federal agencies from mandating the deployment of vulnerabilities in data security technologies. This bill follows the remarks by FBI director, James Comey expressing his concern over Apple’s and Google’s announcements to encrypt or allow for the encryption of their latest operating systems. For the iOS 8 release, the encryption feature is enabled by default. With the release of the Android “L” operating system due early in 2015, encryption will become default.

One loophole to the potential benefits of encryption regards cloud storage. Cloud storage will offer protections if a device is stolen or resold but any data stored and connected to your account there is nothing preventing law enforcement from search with a warrant.

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The Washington Post also reported on device encryption for Apple and Google as well.