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IS launches IT Service Management

This year, Information Services kicks off its multi-year IT Service Management (ITSM) program.

We will implement ITSM using the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) framework. The ITIL framework is comprised of two areas, IT Service Delivery and IT Service Support.

IT Service Delivery consists of:

  • Availability Management: optimize IT infrastructure capabilities, services, and support to minimize service outages and provide sustained levels of service to meet business requirements
  • IT Service Continuity: managing an organization’s capability to provide the necessary level of service following an interruption of service
  • Capacity Management: enables an organization to tactically manage resources and strategically plan for future resource requirements
  • Service Level Management: maintain and improve the level of service to the University of Oregon
  • Financial Management for IT Services: managing the costs associated with providing the organization with the resources needed to meet requirements

IT Service Support consists of:

  • Configuration Management: the physical and logical perspective of the IT infrastructure and the IT services provided
  • Change Management: standard methods and procedures for effective management of changes
  • Release Management: testing, verification, and release of changes to the IT environment
  • Incident Management: the day-to-day process that restores normal, acceptable service with a minimal impact on business
  • Problem Management: the diagnosis of the root causes of incidents in an effort to proactively manage and eliminate them
  • Service Desk (which is a function, rather than a process): provides a central point of intake between users and IS

We’ll start our ITSM program this academic year with a kick-off at the September 11th All Information Services staff meeting. Information Services will also bring an ITIL training company to campus to train and certify 25 IT employees from IS and our IT colleagues across campus. This group of 25 will, in turn, train others on campus.

Sara Stubbs has kindly volunteered to serve as ITSM Program Manager. If you have questions, please contact Sara at

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