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New UO-created Classroom Interactivity Tool

The UO Libraries Interactive Media Group has released a free, open-source classroom/audience personal response system (similar to the “iClicker” system used by UO faculty), that allows students and audience members to interact with a presenter using their personal mobile devices.

Ripple is designed to enable students to interact with presenters in real-time; presenters pose questions or polls to students, and students can respond and see their responses appear on the presenter’s screen in seconds. The presenter can ask the audience several types of questions including true/false, multiple choice, and open response. Another interesting feature allows the audience to manipulate a sliding scale on their mobile device to show interest or disinterest on a question, video, photos and other media.

Ripple works on many mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, the Kindle Fire, and laptops.

For more information, visit the Ripple page on the Interactive Media Group website.