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WordPress Workshop offered by CASIT for CAS Staff

July 2nd 12:00pm to 1:00pm, SSIL Lab McKenzie 445.

WordPress is a powerful website content management system. It currently is running behind many CAS department and program websites. Free WordPress sites and blogs are also available to faculty, staff and students via

This workshop is a tour of WordPress. We will show you WordPress’ various functions and features using examples of real WordPress sites. We will use the first 45 minutes to cover the WordPress basics like what is WordPress, creating posts and pages (what is the difference between them), how to manage media and links, what are themes (how do they work) and what WordPress resources are available on campus. The last part will be Q&A so bring your questions.

If you would like to attend this session please fill out the form by clicking on this link (Deadline June 25th)

We have limited space for this first session and it will be treated as a first come first serve basis so fill out the form as soon as possible.

If you are already using WordPress you can come in early and we will help you bring up your WordPress site on a workstation in the lab.

Feel free to forward this email to other office staff in your department who are interested in learning about WordPress. Also if you have any questions about the workshop please email us.