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Amazon Kindles ‘damaged by airport scanners’

Travellers have been warned that their holiday reading plans could be disrupted by airport security measures, following reports that Amazon’s Kindle e-reader can be damaged by X-ray scanners.

Multiple complaints from users that their Kindle was ruined by a baggage check prompted claims that radiation permanently affected the device’s electronic ink display.
“After my Kindle went through the X-ray scanner at Madrid airport, it no longer worked. I had been reading an e-book on the way to the airport so I knew there could be no other reason,” said Michael Hart, from London.
“A phone call was made and someone came along and took photographs of the bad display. It’s my belief that the scanner operator – who subsequently questioned me about a radio in my bag – had used a high dose to look into the radio, and the Kindle, too.”
According to a leading expert on electronic ink, the truth could be more complicated.
“I don’t think the radiation used in an airport scanner would ever be strong enough to damage an electronic ink display,” said Professor Daping Chu, Chairman of the University of Cambridge centre for Advanced Photonics.

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